Protection Relay


Circuit operation through front –panel Press –To-On push switch.

  This eliminates unnecessary battery discharged due to human error.

· Simple zero adjustment through front panel rotary potentiometer.

· Special battery charging socket which eliminates wrong connection of

   battery charger indicating fully charged, uncharged conditions.

· Highly precision analog meter which is critically damped.

· Circuit operation indication provided by blinking of blue LED at the extreme right position.

· Automatic discharge of output voltage within 5-10 seconds approx. thus eliminating

   storage of capacitive energy.

· Diode circuit protection against inductive energy during Off-period of O/P transistors.

· Adequate heat sinks to radiate O/P transistor's heat energy.

· Diode protection of meter against static D.C voltage picked-up in cables, if any.

· Output terminals (Red and Black) provided for measuring insulation resistance of cables,

   after zero adjustment of scale through the rotary potentiometer.

   Diode protection provided at charging terminals to prevent unwanted short

   circuit in the event of short circuit of the output charging terminals

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