Speed encoder with time stamp data logging

Protection Relay
Speed encoder with time stamp data logging


Measurement of belt/chain (connected with wheel) speed in
     linear unit ie meter/seconds.
2.  RTC based digital storing of linear speed in SD card connected in the systems.  
3.  Frequency of data storing – 1 per second.
4.  Display of speed graph in LCD of the systems.
5.  Data in normal note pad file with time stamp. One can use this data in
     excel for graph plotting.
6.  Bios battery for timekeeping even in power failure.
7.  Minimum of 3-Years data storing.
8.  Separate UART port is available for external display purpose.
9.  System parameter is field programmable with help of key board.
10. Over speed trip can be achieve from this device. Potential free relay contact is given for this purpose.

 Shipping all over India.

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