DC Regulated power supply- Single meter

DC Regulated power supply- Single meter
Test-Measuring Instruments

Available range of standard regulated power supply

  1. DC 0-12V @ 1 A/2A/5A
  2. DC 0-30V @ 1 A/2A/5A/10A
  3. DC 0-60V @ 2A/5A/10A/20A
  4. DC 0-75V @ 2 A
  5. DC 0-110V @ 2 A

N.B: As per customer requirement custom power supply is also available with us.


Technical specifications


  1. Output adjustment: Coarse and fine control
  2. Over Current or short circuit protection provided.
  3. A digit display for voltage
  4. Low Ripple Voltage
  5. Better that 10% Line regulation can achieve.
  6. Very high Load Regulation of better that 1% is achieve.
  7. Housed in designed powder coated metal cabinet.