Servo Stabilizer Controller

Digital microcontroller based servo stabilizer controller
Stabilizer controller
This advanced digital servo stabilizer control card has 2- display for parameter display with significant message, 4-push bottom switch for parameter programming, 7-LED for system's status indication. In this card four parameter are displays one by one in sequence manner - 1) Input AC voltage, 2) Output AC voltage, 3) Load current and 4) system frequency. You can programmed the parameter as per your requirement

Programmable output hysterisis help to protect motor hunting and trip voltage hysteris help to restore power if proper power voltage is presence.
If output feedback is absence, it detects failure and  and output gets minimum or standing at a point less than specified output, insteade of high voltage.
Overload protection:
Smart overload protection is provided by sensing the load current with the help of CT. Where CT ratio is programmable from 1 to 1000.
Lowcut - Highcut and TDR:
All parameters are programmable to ensure appropriate operation.
Soft Calibration:
A maximum of 12Volt calibration is possible AC out and input voltage.

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