Digital Stabilizer Card 50V

Digital Stabilizer Card 50V
Relay Stabilizer controller
It is an automatic microcontroller based digital relay voltage stabilizer controller card. It incorporates with today’s latest digital sensing technology. By ensuring fast switching by microcontroller it eliminates almost all high surge voltage during start up. Smooth relay switching by zero-crossing technology it extends relay’s working life. With this card one can manufacturing upto 10 KVA stabilizer easily.

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These cards having the following features -


  1. Start-up delay with digital time counting.
  2. Multiplexing digital display of I/P and O/P voltage with 0.36” seven segment display. No need of rocker switch.
  3. Low and high voltage cut-out is inbuilt.
  4. Zero-crossing relay switching.
  5. Delay bypass jumper provided for quick testing and manufacturing.
  6. Relay fault indication message.


  1. No need of preset tuning for calibration, Just connect the card with the transformer, the device is ready for operation. First production and testing can be achieved.
  2. Due to digital sensing no random relay switch over.
  3. Due to flat cable connection no wire cloud inside the device.

Shipping is done by standard domestic courier or by speed post service. For this standard charges will applicable extra. Throuhout the India only courier is done.

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