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  • Function Generator 100KHz

    This function generator is capable of producing sine, square and triangular wave...

  • DC Power Supply : 0-30V

    DC regulated power supply of fixed output 0-30V.

  • Pulse DC Power Supply

    It is programmable DC pulse power supply. You can set at any specific output vol...

  • Transistor Frequency response ...

    Transistor Frequency response Trainer kit

  • AC 3-Phase Voltmeter

    AC 3-Phase digital panel voltmeter.

  • Float boost battery charger

    Model No - GFBC01-10 Float boost battery charger is a power device.

  • Sequential Timer

    This timer is used for sequentially on-off if several device connected in a syst...

  • Pump / Geyser off Timer

    This is a timer, used for specific time operation of any device (Pump, Geezer, l...